Mikael Skafar


The foundation of our band started already in 1983. In a small community, just outside Helsingborg in Southern Sweden.
This little village was and still is, called, Ödåkra.

Originally, the band was named to BB2 (Better Be Together). During 1986 – 87, the band presented almost the same members as present time ARKADO. Highlight of the band, during these years, was to record a vinyl single. A song written by Martin Kirschner and Mikael Skafar, after a request from the local football club, Ödåkra IF. This song still today, played at each match, played at the home arena.

During 1988, BB2 dissolved, and have been in a very long “sleep” meanwhile. At the time, BB2 still was active, the focus was only to play own written materials. Influences in the musically library, could be among many known artists and band, such as U2, Saga, Toto, Europe, Survivor etc.. at the time
30 years after band dissolved, all the band members re-united, due to an Inquiry of playing at a local arrangement.

All considered as a “one-off” performance. Only one song, for a very special occasion.
Actually the song written for the football club, at the clubs 90's anniversary. This live performance, to be performed in the name of BB2. The live gig went very well, and the pressure of setting up a complete
concert of 10 – 12 songs, was raised by external forces (audience), and suddenly became a solid fact for us in the band. A live concert was booked, and the repetitions started up.


Our aim & Prospects for 2020 and forthcoming time, is to be able to play live at several occasions.

Completing and continue to produce and write new songs. Hopefully being successful publishing our music, and to attract an audience. Of course to keep the dream still alive to be able to live on our music,
in the long run. 100% or at least partly.

So after 30 years of recession and no music for most of the members in our band, we still live the same dream. With new, high motivation. And at the same time the great self-lived experiences, from life it self

The foundation of our band, started already in 1983. 30 years after band was dissolved, all the band members was re-united, due to an Inquiry of playing at a local arrangement. In August 2018, the band was re-formed, with some new additional members, and the songwriting process, started to proceed in a very good speed.


Here is some usefull links to the band and band members history. 


Mikael Skafar

Drums, operated by the “guy looking at the Stars”, Mr Mikael Skafar. Mikael is also one of the absolute origin member from the origin start in the 80's.
Mikael have been active on the drums, thru all the years, and played in several bands. Not least, Mikael is the drummer on one of the records of “Dawn of Oblivion”. A highly skilled and experienced drummer. Mikael also writes some of Arkado's lyrics.