The Band

"You Lighting up my World and I could almost see it Clear"

Arkado, To Leave it all Behind





The foundation of our band, started already in 1983. 30 years after band was dissolved, all the band members was re-united, due to an Inquiry of playing at a local arrangement. In August 2018, the band was re-formed, with some new additional members, and the songwriting process, started to proceed in a very good speed.

New songs is produced oncontinuous basis, and only a single few old songs, was “allowed” to continue into our “new” band, which now is re-named to ARKADO Our joint and fundamental idea, which have been true all the years, is only to play and perform, our own written material and songs. We still live after this same milestone.

Type of our music, is somewhere to be in AOR genre. Musicality with all out hooks & big backing vocals is a red line in our music. To express and generate specific feelings and mood. We do not represent the “roughest” part of AOR music,and would like to execute the right to try to keep some good width in our musically “bank”.

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( 2020 in Trelleborg)

ARKADO the new sound of AOR

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Five members are from the same original band, BB2. It's only Philip that joined 30 years later! 

Mikael Svensson

Keyboards & backing vocals

Mikael Skafar

Drums & backing vocals

Mikey K Nilsson

Lead and solo guitars


Matilda Masarek

Backing Vocals

Anders Nilsson

Backing Vocals

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