"You Lighting up my World and I could almost see it Clear"

Arkado, To Leave it all Behind



ARKADO - Don't rape the Nature

29 jan. 2020

This is the band ARKADO.s release song. We see this as our contribution to
the environmental struggle. We apologize for future generations!

ARKADO - My Hometown

29 april. 2020

This video is dedicated to our hometown Helsingborg. Five of the members were born here and have lived here for much of their lives. Helsingborg is an incredibly beautiful port city with a fantastic view over the sea and to our neighbors in Denmark.

ARKADO - To Leave it All Behind

13 march. 2020

This is the band ARKADO.s single release song. The song is about fighting and finding the light. Sometimes to dare to let go and just leave it all behind ...

The Decades - Turning Japanese MUSICVIDEO

4 dec. 2011

The music in this video is performed by The Decades ( with members from Cruzh and Arkado) and the original song is made by The Vapors. Jan Kivisaar recorded the movie and he is the director/editor/producer/everything! All credits to him!

East Temple Avenue - Don't Make Believe

24 okt. 2019

The second single from East Temple Avenue Don't Make Believe. In this vide there are members from Arkado and Cruzh, Philip Lindstrand plays the guitarr and Butabi plays the bass. Check out ETA Channel  

The Decades She's not There

4 jul. 2020

The Decades was a popular cover band that played around Sk√•ne in the 2000s. The movie with the Zombies She's not There is a tribute to the band's singer, Brave Dave who passed away in 2018. he drummer is Mikael Skafar (ARKADO) and the bass player in the band is Butabi (CRUZH).   

CRUZH - "Aim For The Head" (Acoustic)

20 aug. 2019

This is a video with Cruzh. The bassist in the band, Butabi is an important person in Arkado's progress and a member of lots of previous bands that formed me (Mike) as a musician. He is also my stepson.

Dawn of Oblivion ~ Free {Early Version}

5 maj 2012

The music in this video is performed by Dawn of Oblivion. The drummer is Mikael Skafar (Arkado) and the guy who plays Keborad is a former member of Cruzh. Check out DOO channel

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