Dear all.We are so very pleased to announce some major changes within ARKADO.These changes will surely bring us to the next level, and we are very happy to finally share this announcement

We have the great honor to present our new lead singer in ARKADO.

And that will be no other than Mr. Patrik Norén.

Patrik is an extremely experienced singer that has been fully active since the late 80´s.

An very high energetic and skilled entertainer on stage, with a huge amount of live gigs of experience, during all these years.

Patrik has been involved in many and various constellations, and is a pure rock singer that suits our ( ARKADO ) music at its best.

This will also a kind of “re-union” between Patrik and Mikael
( keyboards ), who both was a part of the band, ACACIA during
the 80´s

Shall also be mentioned, that Patrik was actually the singer that was initially asked, if he was interested in being a part of ARKADO, when we started up some years ago.

At the time, Patrik was involved in some other projects, and it was not suitable for him, right then to join us.

However, now finally, we are all joined in ARKADO. And we really look forward to the future together.

Second change, and maybe something, some of you already guessed, due to our release of “Long Way to Go”, some month back.

On 1st guitar, we proudly present Mr. Patrik “Svärra” SvärdPatrik is known from Sapphire Eyes, Cloudscape, ZHIVA etc…

Patrik is a fantastic guy, with the absolute right approach, to match our music. Well experienced, and also with a huge amount of live gigs in this “luggage” over the years.

Patrik has been with us “behind the curtains” for some time now, after the point where we ( ARKADO ) and Michael K Nilsson, decided to go separate ways. As mentioned, Patrik is already playing the guitars on “Long Way to Go”, and has in some way, already “introduced” himself and his guitar to us all. Goes without saying that “Svärra” feels like a perfect match, and we really look forward to being able to present some fantastic music together ahead.

Last, we are sad to announce that Mr. Martin Kirschner ( 2:nd guitar ) has, by his own choice, been forced to take the decision to leave us.

This all due to some personal and health related reasons.

Martin has, since years back, some extensive problems with his ears and hearing. And after meeting some doctors, he was now told to seriously re-consider his continued part of a band, and music playing. The risk of losing all his hearing was very high, so Martin did take the one and only right decision, to stop playing music immediately. We all, of course, support him in this.

Martin will most likely, still be very close to us, in one way, or another. At least, we hope so.

So, what’s next??

We did last week, finalized our next single to be released very shortly. Estimated time of Release is mid-June.

The song is called Open Sea.

A song with a great amount of attitude, and also a portion of drama.

As it seems right now, the next album will partly be a bit more “heavy” in some way. At least in compares to our first album ( Long way to Go ). A lot more energy is now added into the songs, both musically and also in our lyrics.

We strive to have some small "stories" told, in the lyrics, and connect this with the arrangements of the songs.

All songs for the upcoming album are written and partly also arranged/produced.

Of course, all songs and lyrics, are 100% written by ourselves.

Still some additional studio time is needed, for each and every one.

(except for Open Sea, that is in full, completed )

So now, it is "full speed ahead”

We really hope you will enjoy and like our new set up of ARKADO and of course, our songs we are about to deliver asap.

Stay tuned, since more will be announced and happen, hopefully very soon.

Cheers to ya all! 

Out now!!

Our new single is now available on all existing streaming platforms around the world.

Jump into Spotify, ITunes, Deezer, YouTube or any streaming site, and play it loud!!

On the below link you find routing to you preferred streaming service. Just click the suppliers button and it will open up in your player.

Long Way to Go 

Cheers Arkado