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Arkado, To Leave it all Behind


We have recorded a Christmas Song

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It is almost time....

We have done something completely different. We have recorded a Christmas Song ( yepp, you did see it correct.
A Christmas song ) This is a song all about keeping the faith up for love, And especially now in Christmas times.

About being alone, but hoping to be able to change this situation.  A cosy Christmas song, to describe it short & simple.

This song is set to be a duett between Phil ( Philip Lindstrand ) and our excellent singing choir girl, Matilda Masarek.

It should be made very clear, that this song is not any AOR song.  New AOR material is under process and recording, as we speak.

We also know that some will like this song, and some will not. That is totally expected and fully understandable.

But we of course hope you will enjoy this Christmas song and share with friends and family, all around the world.

The song is called, Christmas Eve. And it is to be released  on all digital platforms 30/11. Pls. make sure to notice this date in your calendar

and tune in, listen, like and share to everyone you know!

All the best to you all

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